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Logo earbuds ZE135 is classic earphone styles on market. It became popular 10 years ago, and keeps shipping until now. If somebody ask you to drawing a earbuds accordingly to memory, I belive most people will draw it as logo earbuds ZE135 shape!


1. Item Number - ZE135
2. Weight - 15g/pc
3. Color - black, white, pink, blue
4. Length - 110cm
5. Frequency - 20HZ-22KHZ
6. Custom Logo - We are able to print custom logo on the Logo Earbuds

Business Term:

1. Price - USD0.88/pc
2. Minimum Order Quantity - 1000pcs
3. Warranty Terms- 24 months
4. Payment Terms- T/T, Paypal, Western Union
5. Shipment Terms- Fedex/DHL/UPS/by Air/by Sea
6. Production time - 7days after confirmed the order

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